Getting Started

Architects, Networks, Team Work & sharing the strain

Over many years Ian has developed a great working relationship with architects and designers from across the wider region. Most projects include collaborative working with architects to bring a clients idea to life.

Forming the right team and getting the appropriate specialisms around the table is critical to the overall success of any project. Making Absolute Town Planning your first call can create early access other specialist advisors to help bring your vision to reality through the planning process.

Other specialisms within the Absolute Town Planning Network include:
Transport and Highways Planning
Acoustic Assessments
Wildlife and Ecology Reports
Heritage Reports and Analysis on Sensitive Sites
Sunlight/Daylight Assessments
Code for Sustainable Homes Reports
Energy Reports
Through identifying the right team to make a positive impact early on is at the heart of what we do.

Never Too Late

Architects Please Note: If you are a busy architect or have submitted a planning application within a process that can sometimes seem to snowball out of control! Share the strain and give us a call to establish what can be done to assist and free up your time to work on great new projects.

When it Goes Wrong

Had a planning application refused or at risk of a refusal? Is it worth an appeal or should the scheme be amended? Absolute Town Planning will advise swiftly on next steps or indeed advise openly, with integrity and diplomacy if the project has low odds of success. Usually the Local Authority reference number is all that is required to get an overview of a project even at the eleventh hour.